Order a combination of sandwiches and antipasto salads.
Add to this side dishes, drinks, covers and desserts.

Just give us a call or email and we will send you a quick estimate.

Everything is arranged in custom presentation boxes.
Once delivered, just lift off the lid and the delivery box becomes the serving tray.



Each whole sandwich is cut into 3 large pieces and arranged in long containers for easy sharing.
Calculate 2 –3 pieces per person depending on whether antipasto salads are ordered or not.


our sandwich team select a cross-section of our best sandwiches each day.

For special diets & preferences just let us know; never a problem!

Chef’s Pick sandwich (cut in 3's) – 11,95$

À la carte sandwiches - 12,95$ 



A selection of roasted, grilled and blanched vegetables,
each with different Mediterranean seasoning and dressings,
classic potato salad and pasta with pesto.
Each portion has one or two types of antipasto

and serves 4 - 6 people depending on how many sandwiches ordered


Portion of antipasto – 30$

À la carte antipasto - 33$ per container.



Wrapped individually and carefully labelled for gluten-free, no-pork, lactose-free, allergies, vegetarian or vegan etc.


Small individual portion of antipasto – 6,50$

Breadless sandwich - (gluten-free) – same ingredients as a sandwich but on lettuce with garnish - 12,95$

Vegan sandwich - always possible to make - 11,95$

Individual lunch-plate of antipasto - can customise for special diets - for one person – 16,95$

Salad plate – for one person - smoked salmon, tuna or chicken with antipasto and a green salad – 16,95$

Lunch box for special diets – salad plate or sandwich & antipasto – 25,95$ with drink & dessert 

EACH SANDWICH IN ITS OWN BOX (see photos below)

for groups and conferences when sharing is not an option

same price as a regular sandwich - 11,95$

 40$ each

unless stated otherwise



Mixed greens – double container with with garnish & house vinaigrette - 30$
Caesar salad – double container, classic style with croutons & cheese -  35$
Potato salad – picnic-style with apple, celery, carrot, mayonnaise - 30$
Pasta salad – sun-dried tomato pesto & parmesan - 30$



Grilled chicken – with special sauce
Roast beef – with horseradish & pickles
Roast pork – with condiments

Grilled sausages - cut up - with spicy ketchup
Deli meats – ham, cured meats, salami
Smoked salmon – peppers & capers
Tuna salad – classic style with mayo



Cheese tray – with garnishes 

Feta – with tomatoes, olives & herbs
Bocconcini –  mozzarella balls with basil



         Snacks for your morning or afternoon meeting break
         - cheese, crudités, half muffins, cookies, cheese cubes, fruit, danishes, banderillas, crudités etc.

         - order à la carte from the 'side dishes' menu

         - or ask for a chef's selection (can be even better!)


         order by number of containers


Brochettes, banderillas from our party menu

- 20 generous pieces - chef selection 
- à la carte (when possible) - 45$




Pickles and olives – selection for sharing
Crudités – small cut vegetables with dip 
Frittata – 20 individual ones - vegetarian or not

Fruit skewers – 16 per container or order per piece (2,75$ ea.)

Grapes - cut in little bunches
Mixed cookies  - gluten free or vegan available
Houmous - with toast rounds/bread - vegan



Mixed basket of breads – 12,50$/ with butter 15$/ with butter & lebneh 18$
Toast rounds with olive oil & spices - 12,50$
Large box of breads and toasts plus butter etc – equivalent of 6 containers – 65$ (half box 35$)
Focaccia (plain, olive or herbs) - 25$ for a  2kg large sheet partially cut up - 30$ with olive oil dip or butter



Classic cakes and desserts made in-house – 6$ each
Chocolate pots - in individual espresso cups with gelato spoons – 6$ each

Small portions of desserts - 3,50$ each
Cookies – 3,50$ each - (gluten free or option available)
Fruit salad – 6$ per person
Pastries, scones, breakfast breads – 3,50$ each



Mixed juices, pops, sparkling waters & exotic drinks - 3,25$ each
Deluxe brands (Tropicana, Oceanspray, Snapple etc) - 3,75$ each
Kombucha - 4,50$ each



Fork, knife, napkin, plastic plate - Single (1 set of covers) - 50 cents, double (2 sets of covers) - 1$
Napkins – 25 cents per person for a small handful each

Serving tongs (stainless steel) - 3,25$ each
Disposable tablecloths - various styles - 10$

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