Individual lunch boxes are perfect for groups of any size,
especially when people
are not necessarily eating all at the same time,

nor in the same place.


Boxes are well marked and easy to display and share out.

The box becomes a base to eat the lunch on your lap or out-of-doors,
and is perfect for storing part of the meal for later (popular at conferences).

Salads and desserts are very generous

and are packaged in clear containers for easy identification.

Special diets and allergies can be easily accommodated.

Each Lunch Box contains:


  • a deluxe sandwich

  • an full antipasto misto side salad

  • a full house-made dessert 

  • a drink

  • cutlery & napkins

  • in individual picnic boxes


Each box is 25,95$ 

For à la carte orders add 1$


Everything is packed in brown paper bags like Mom used to do for school lunches.

Each Lunch Bag contains:

  • a regular sandwich

  • a small dessert

  • napkins 

  • in a brown paper bag 

Each bagged lunch is 17,75$ 

For à la carte orders - 18,75$
Add a salad (6$) or small antipasto (6,50$)

Change to a full dessert +2,50$


For some events like when a team is in production or a staff travel outing, 

a wrapped sandwich and a drink is all that is needed.

Sandwiches are wrapped in brown paper, labeled

and packed in big share boxes

for easy transport and sharing out.

Each Grab & Go order includes:

  • a whole sandwich wrapped and labeled

  • a drink

Price per person 14,45$ 

For à la carte orders - 15,45$
Add a salad
or small antipasto - 6,50$




When you are not sure how many are coming

or what to bring to eat on a road trip,

or for an outing to the park,

bring a large Titanic Picnic Basket of food to share

and make up your meal on the spot.  

(it isn't really a basket but a large long box)


Everything but the wine for a 'pique-nique à la francaise' – baguette, cheese, pâté & meats and potato salad.
Serves 10 to 12 people 


  • 240$ 

  • add desserts and drinks if needed.

  • vegetarian version is possible.



Similar to the French picnic, but with Italian ingredients – ciabatta bread, antipasto salads, Italian cold cuts, cheese and olives.
Serves 10 to 12 people


  • 240$

  • add desserts and drinks if needed.

  • vegetarian version is possible.




Mediterranean salads, marinated & grilled vegetables, pasta or potato salad, cheese tray and a selection of bread.

Serves 12 to15 people.


  • 240$ 

  • add desserts and drinks if needed. 

  • this is all vegetarian; vegan and gluten-free versions are also possible.




The same as the catered lunch menu.

It can be made for any number of people and customised to taste.

For example, here is an order for 12 people:


  • 12 mixed sandwiches cut in 3’s - 12,95$ chq - 151,80$

  • 3 antipasto misto - 35$ chq - 105$

  • sub total - 256,80$

  • or 21,40$ per person

  • add covers, tongs, desserts & drinks as required. 

  • vegetarian or vegan versions possible.




Disposable - various designs - 10$ each